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Supplier Of Packaging Solutions For Over 25 Years!
Supplier Of Packaging Solutions For Over 25 Years!

Bubble bag with self adhesive strip

Product Description

Various sized clear bubble bags which offer light impact protection.  Often used to separate multiple items in a single box.

Contains self adhesive strip for convenient and fast seal.

Technical Specifications

 BB00 70 x 90 + 30mm Lip Box Qty:1000
BB0 90 x 105 + 30mm Lip Box Qty:1000
BB1 100 x 135 + 30mm Lip Box Qty:1000
BB2 130 x 185 + 30mm Lip Box Qty:1000
BB3 180 x 235 + 30mm Lip Box Qty:750
BB4 230 x 385 + 30mm Lip Box Qty:500
BB5 280 x 360 + 30mm Lip Box Qty:300
BB6 305 x 435 + 30mm Lip Box Qty:250
BB7 380 x 435 + 30mm Lip Box Qty:200
BB8  460 x 585 + 30mm Lip Box Qty:125
BB3AS 180 x 235 + 30mm Lip Pink anti-static bag Box Qty:750
BB7AS 380 x 435 + 30mm Lip Pink anti-static bag Box Qty:200

Common product uses

Used by manufacturers who wish to stop their products from rattling in a box, or as additional inner bubble lining for normal envelopes.

Very popular with eBay and Amazon sellers.

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