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Supplier Of Packaging Solutions For Over 25 Years!
Supplier Of Packaging Solutions For Over 25 Years!

Grey Polythene Courier Bag (with permanent seal)

Grey Polythene Courier Bags are weatherproof, waterproof and burst-proof which provides a secure and sealed delivery of products.

This product features a peel and seal adhesive strip for ease and security.

Technical Specification

Extra strong and suitable for mail order.

 SME 15 150 x 225 + 50mm Lip
SME 25 250 x 350 + 50mm Lip
SME 30 300 x 400 + 50mm Lip
SME 45 450 x 550 + 50mm Lip


Available in quantities of 200, 500 and 1000

What Can these be used for

Plastic Courier Bags are robust and extra strong, yet lightweight, therefore reducing postage costs. Making them ideal for catalogues, brochures and general mail order distribution.

The secure peel and seal strip ensures tamper proof delivery of items.

For impact protection items should be surrounded by protective packaging such as our Bubble Wrap

Original price £14.43 - Original price £156.60
Original price
£14.43 - £156.60
Current price £14.43

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